Welcome to GeneSys
Welcome to GeneSys

SP80 - GPS Based Tracking for VRUs and solid objects

High-precision position tracking with SP80 or VRU-Tracker

Assuming that good quality GPS reception is attainable, pure GPS based tracking devices are the preferred solution when the primary position and velocity of an object have to be located for testing purposes. The main applications are the tracking of slow moving objects such as VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users, for example pedestrians or bicyclists) and surveying the environment (for instance parking lots or vehicle dimensions).

GeneSys provides two different GPS based tracking solutions:
- a customized SP-80 GNSS receiver from Spectra Precision and
- our latest product, the VRU-Tracker.

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motion tracking of slowly moving objects such as VRUs, e.g.pedestrians and cyclists

ADAS evaluation

gauging the test environment, e.g. parking spaces or vehicle dimensions

General features VRU-Tracker and SP80

Easy to use

Battery powered

Data output of NMEA 0183 logs via WiFi

Fully cableless operation

GPS and GLONASS reception with an accuracy of up to
1 cm + 1.0 ppm horizontal (RTK2)

BeiDou and Galileo reception (optional)

Simultaneous operation of multiple devices possible

Compatible with GeneSys GPS base station

Compatible with Dewesoft GRS-1 plug-in for automated data syncing in combination with ADMA products