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Welcome to GeneSys

LPS & LPS+: Laser Position Sensor

Laser Guided Alignment and Positioning

The LPS Laser Position Sensor detects the position of an incident laser beam. in this way the vertical and horizontal position in relation to the guiding laser beam can be determined. The positional data enable vehicle and machines to be guided or aligned over a distance of several hundred metres.

There is also a version available with implemented 2-axis tilt sensor: LPS-T.

Data sheet


road finishing machines and graders

automated lawn mowers

automated guided vehicles

autonomous cleaning machines

detection of settling

detection of structural changes

Special Features

large active measuring area of 120 x 80 mm

suppression of ambient light

selectable serial interface: RS232, TTY or 4 - 20 mA analogue output

robust, watertight IP 65 metal housing with wall mounting flange

vibration-free and shocl resistant operation over long distances

2-axis tilt sensor ± 20° optional: LPS-T