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ELS-FCE: autopilot for tunnelling machines

ELS-FCE: Fuzzy control extension for ELS guidance system

The ELS-FCE fuzzy controller is used for the automatic directional control of a tunnelling machine. Since the control process is not or only hard to describe (guidance machine's point of view related to geology), a completely different approach was chosen for the control algorithm. The procedure in place is based on Fuzzy-Logic. Thus, control movements of the machine can be calculated even for curved drives.

Additionally, the controller is based on the knowledge and experience of skilled machine operators.

The fuzzy controller is excklusively used by Herrenknecht AG.

The mode of action can be transferred to other applications.

Data Sheet


automatic vehicle control

Special Features

independent of geological properties and size of machine

controller inputs are orientation angles and position deviation

simple adaptation of controller response through software donwload

suitable for all current microtunnelling machines