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NEW! ADMA-Slim mini GNSS/inertial system

If size and weight matters

The new fullfledged ADMA-Slim GNSS/inertial system has been specially developed for applications with space or weight restrictions, in order to integrate it into motorcycles, overrunnable platforms for GSTs (Guided Soft Targets) or VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users such as pedestrians or cyclists), for example.


It is smaller, lighter and more compact than its predecessor, without limitations in functionality or quality of measurement data.

ADMA-Slim is based on the proven ADMA technology for centimeter accuracy in positional data acquisition. It delivers precise, smooth and consistent signals even when GNSS reception is poor.

The miniaturised GNSS/inertial system is available in three different versions, and for the first time as an OEM version as well:

- Standard version with 7 LEMO connectors in a waterproof housing

- Single connector version with MIL connector in a waterproof housing

- Unhoused OEM version

Data sheet


Overrunnable platforms for GSTs and VRUs (such as pedestrians or cyclists)


Sports cars, jet skis, snowmobiles

ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles)

Vehicls dynamics testing with MEMS performance

ADAS Evaluation

ADAS Evaluation according to Euro NCAP oder NHTSA, e.g. AEB, LSS, Car-to-Car


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Fullfledged GNSS/inertial system with proven ADMA technology

Extremly small, lightweight and convenient size

Measuring of vehicle movements in all three measuring axes, even with GPS outage

Robust MEMS inertial sensors in strapdown technology with 5, 10 or 15 g

Improved satellite reception via GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU

Also as Dual Antenna version available

Mounting with high power magnets possible

Direct attachment of the GPS antenna to the inertial sensor technology possible

Available in a waterproof housing or as unhoused version for OEMs

Compatible with all common overrunnable platforms

Optional extendable, e.g. with RTK or DELTA option