Inertial & tilt measurement technology
Inertial & tilt measurement technology

DWS-CAN: rotation sensor with CAN Interface

Fibre optic gyro for precise rotation angle measurement

The DWS-CAN single axis precision gyro by GeneSys is used for the continuous tracking of rotational motions. It is exceptionally well suited for demanding stabilisation tasks and for exact dynamic angular orientation measurement. Easy integration in civil and industrial applicatioins is provided by the standardized CAN interface.


antenna and camera stabilisation

platform and machine alignment

reference yaw rate sensor

torsion monitoring

crane and construction machniery control

structural monitoring

automated guided vehicles


Measurement of rotational motion

Simultaneous data output of rotation angle and angular rate

Earth rotation rate and angular offset compensation capability

Easy operation via CAN interface

Robust and maintenance-free fibre optic technology without moving parts

Wide range power supply input

Internal temperature compensation