Indoor Positioning - fog
Indoor Positioning - fog
Indoor Positioning - LPM
Indoor Positioning - LPM
Indoor Positioning - rain
Indoor Positioning - rain

Indoor Positioning

Accurate localization in buildings

IPS indoor locating system

With the IPS (Indoor Positioning System), driving tests and crash tests of new sensor systems and safety functions can be tested in indoor test facilities under constant ambient conditions.

The radar-based locating system is based on the functional principle of measuring the transit time of radio signals between transponders (on objects such as vehicles, GVTs, etc.) and base stations. The object positions are calculated out of the individual signal propagation times in the control station. These are available for further processing in real time. With this method position accuracies of up to +/-3 cm can be achieved.



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Cooperative vehicle safety functions with networked sensor systems and Car2X

Validation of predictive vehicle safety functions with camera, radar, lidar sensors, etc.

Crash tests with complete vehicle and components

Continuous crash tests (with pre-crash-phase)

Covered car park tests

Park-assist test and validation in enclosed environment

ADAS and vehicle dynamics test in special environment

Technichal data of the IPS

Position accuracy: ± 10 cm (dynamic); ± 3 cm (static)

max. Measuring frequency: 1000 Hz

frequency band: 5,725 – 5,875 GHz

Max. Measuring radius: 1.000 m

Multicell: possible