GPS Outdoor Base Station
GPS Outdoor Base Station
DGNSS correction data
DGNSS correction data


DGPS Correction Data for High-Precision Positioning from RTK Network Provider or GPS Base Station

The NTRIP-DGPS-Box 4 includes a GPRS modem and a microcontroller unit. The system establishes a connection to the GPS base station or a RTK network provider like SAPOS and ASCOS, SmartNet or TopNET to provide DGPS correction data for centimeter-accurate position detection to the ADMA-GPS Receiver. The configuration software enables convenient management of dial-up numbers via a PC. All parameters are stored on the SIM card.


General vehicle dynamics testing

Vehicle dynamics testing according to test standards e.g. ISO lane change, steady-state circular test, fish hook

Determination of track deviation

Braking/Acceleration measurement

Validation of driver assistance systems, e.g. ACC, FCW, AEB, LDW, LKA

ABS/ESP ISO 26262 certification

Validation of simulation models

Navigation of steering robots

Road survey

Track analysis

Test drives on public roads


Reception of DGPS correction data via GPRS from a GPS base station or via a RTK network provider

User-friendly operating software for entering the GPRS parameters

An external GPRS antenna with magnetic base for easy installation

Automatic dial-in and redial-in after connection failure

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