GPS Outdoor Base Station
GPS Outdoor Base Station
DGNSS correction data
DGNSS correction data

GPS Outdoor Base Station

Private DGNSS correction data for RTK operation

Ethernet and WiFi is playing an increasingly important role at vehicle security and testing due to its flexibility and reliability. Especially for ADAS applications, more and more functions are emerging the need to be tested by means of swarm tests. Consequently, multiple participants and measurement systems are included in a WiFi network and transfer measurement data between each other.


New: Ethernet interface

Adding an Ethernet interface to the Outdoor GPS Base enables providing GNSS correction data via broadcast to all systems in the WiFi network. In addition, the GPS Outdoor Base Station supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), which allows a WiFi system to be supplied at the Base Station and connected to the existing network, without an additional power supply.


Private DGNSS correction data for RTK operation

The GPS Outdoor Base Station has been particularly developed for vehicle dynamics testing. It provides DGNSS correction data used by mobile GNSS receivers and enables highly precise measurements with position accuracy of up to 2 cm.

The base station can be quickly installed at the proving ground. A user-friendly interface guarantees easy usage. The weatherproof and robust housing provides a high persistence.


General vehicle dynamics testing

Vehicle dynamics testing according to test standards e.g. ISO lane change, steady-state circular test, fish hook

Determination of track deviation

Braking/Acceleration measurement

Validation of driver assistance systems, e.g. ACC, FCW, AEB, LDW, LKA

ABS/ESP ISO 26262 certification

Validation of simulation models

Navigation of steering robot


Quick installation on the proving ground

Based on NovAtel L1/L2 GNSS receiver PACTM

Connections for internal or external radio modem

Ethernet correction data output

Complete system with tripod, antenna and cables

Packed in a rugged transport case

User-friendly operating terminal with SD card for saving the position data local coordinates

Manual or automatic position input (averaging)