DGNSS correction data
DGNSS correction data

DGNSS correction data

Precise altitude and position determination

ADMA accessories provide reliable and highly accurate measurement data. Thanks to GPS-Base and NTRIP-DPGS-Box 4, the position accuracy is considerably improved.

The GPS outdoor base station provides RTK2 DGNSS correction data. In combination with the mobile GPS receiver, a high positional accuracy data of up to 2 cm is achieved at a range of < 5 km. Data transmission takes place via an internal RF modem or optionally via up to two internal GPRS modems. The system has been tested and proven in mobile applications.

The NTRIP-DGPS-Box 4 can be connected to all ADMA models. It receives DGNSS RTK2 correction data from stationary GPS receivers or RTK network providers like SAPOS and AXIO-NET, SmartNet or TopNET. With the RTK2 license activated, the system provides position data, with centimeter accuracy within the RTK-Network, in real-time.


General vehicle dynamics testing

Vehicle dynamics testing according to test standards e.g. ISO lane change, steady-state circular test, fish hook

Determination of track deviation

Braking/Acceleration measurement

Validation of driver assistance systems, e.g. ACC, FCW, AEB, LDW, LKA

ABS/ESP ISO 26262 certification

Validation of simulation models

Navigation of steering robots

Road survey

Track analysis

Test drives on public roads