Products of ADMA Family
Products of ADMA Family

Relative data car to environment / reference track

Precise Tracing of fixed Objects and Tracks

The ADAS test suite can also be deployed for precise lane tracing or measurement of vehicle lane deviation.

The components are identical: ADMADEWETRON or DEWEsoft, DGPS correction data.

The reference lane for measuring the vehicle deviation can be generated in various ways: by means of ADMA or SP80 measurement, KML import or by propagading the covered track (straight, circular).

Possible Applications

LSS (Lane Departure Warning, LDW, Lane Keeping Assistant, LKA)

PA (Parking Assistant)

Traffic Sign Recognition

Lateral Offset (braking, load change)

Cross wind sensitivity

Steady state circular test (braking, load change)

Lane change

ISO 26262 (Functional Safety of Road Vehicles, e.g. for ESP and EPS)