Products of ADMA Family
Products of ADMA Family

Relative data car to car / pedestrian


ADMA Models

The CAPS system is compatible with all ADMA models featuring RTK2- DGPS. By this means, a position accuracy of 2 cm can be achieved. The ADMA-G-Pro+ system meets all accuracy requirements and partially disturbed GPS reception is tolerated. The ADMA-G-EntryLevel system requires good GPS eception and SP80 can be used to trace pedestrians.

Data Recording

Different data aquisition systems are available, e.g. DEWETRON DEWE2. These distinguish themselves by absolute synchrony of all data, either ADMA data, vehicle data (CAN, FlexRay, XCP) analog data (e.g. Signalgong) or video data (e.g. Dashboard).
Thanks to GPS-Sync-Clock WLAN transmission, the data of all devices are synchronously calculated, displayed and recorded on a DAQ.
By means of the DEWEsoft software, all data including vehicle movements are visualized and recorded and the ADMAs are controlled. Individual online and offline calculations are possible.

DGPS Correction Data

GPRS-DGPS-Box for online reception of correction datafrom a service provider (SAPOS, AXIO-NET, SWEPOS, etc.), particularly on public roads.

GPS Base Station with RF modem for transmission of DGPS correction data on local proving grounds.

Possible Applications

Ultrasonic sensors

Long range Radar

Video systems

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)

FCW (Forward Collision Warning)

BSD (Blind Spot Dedection)

BA/AEB (Braking Assistant, Autonomous Emergency Brake)

Crash detection

Rollover detection

Pedestrian safety