Products of ADMA family
Products of ADMA family

ADMA-options - extending capabilities

With ADMA3 product family we are proud to have established new functions, driven by the customer's requirements. The goal is to improve the usability and to increase the productivity.

We have created firmware options, called  ADMA Add-Ons.  The options are activated by upload of a license code to the ADMA.
The license upload can be done at any instant giving the highest degree of flexibility.

DELTA option

Relative data calculation (e.g., distance) via WiFi in real-time for multi-vehicle operation

The ”DELTA” option enables the direct output of relative data between two vehicles, for example distance, velocity and angle. Other than a WiFi connection between the two ADMAs, no additional hardware is required.
Data is provided in real time with minimum latency. This option is widely used for ADAS tests, especially AEB, FCW and ACC. Our customers rely on the ADMA option both when establishing a precise distance reference and for distance control of steering robots.
DELTA option is available for all ADMA models.

BRAKING option

Real-time calculation of brake performance data according to international regulations
The ”Braking” option is the sophisticated solution for brake performance measurement. Enabling brake pedal triggered as well as velocity threshold triggered measurement, all relevant parameters, including mean deceleration, brake distance and trigger speed are provided. Both full brake and fading test are supported.
BRAKING option is available for all ADMA models.
For ADMA-Speed it is included, even in the basic version.

BRAKING option Ethernet Logger software

The GeneSys Ethernet Logger software includes acoustic driver guidance features and is provided free of charge.
Running on a Laptop or Tablet PC, it allows for real time monitoring of measured parameters. All braking results can be stored both as a result chart and a full data stream.

DGPS option

Correction data forwarding via Ethernet
The “DGPS” option provides the capability to receive DGPS correction data forwarded from a second ADMA
via WiFi. This is the preferred option for multi-vehicle applications, e.g., ACC, AEB and FCW testing.
This option is used in place of radio modems, increasing the availability of DGPS correction data, especially on public roads.
DGPS option is available for all ADMA models.

GPS-RAW option

Output of GPS raw data via Ethernet interface
The “GPS-RAW” option provides raw GPS data via Ethernet connection. GPS raw data is required to improve GPS accuracy in post processing, for instance with our ADMA-PP post processing engine. We provide Ethernet logger software free of charge which can be used to record the data.
GPS-RAW option is available for all ADMA models.


LATDEV option

Real-time calculation of lateral deviation.

The Addon LATDEV is used to test and validate lane departure warning systems (LDW/LSS systems).

It calculates the distance to two predefined straight lines, a fixed object, angle to the straight lines, the lateral speed and acceleration in real time, related to three user defined POIs (Point of Interests).

LATDEV option is available for all ADMA models.

ADMA-options (overview)

- DELTA Option
- BRAKING Option
- DGPS Option
- GPS-RAW Option

- LATDEV option