Products of ADMA family
Products of ADMA family


High Performance Fibre Optic Gyro Platform with DGPS for Vehicle Dynamics Testing

The ADMA models differ in performance of the applied inertial sensors. Higher precision sensors are less sensitive to GPS interferences or outages.

ADMA-G-PRO+ is the leading-edge ADMA version.
The fiber-optic GPS/inertial system with three closed-loop fiber-optic gyros and three servo accelerometers class 1 mg provides high-precision data even in the case of strong GPS interferences.

Complies with all international test standards.

Overview of ADMA models and Fields of Application.



3 closed-loop fiber optic gyros

3 servo accelerometers

Measurement of vehicle motion in three axes, even during GPS outage

Altitude and heading angle determination under dynamics

Precise acceleration, speed and position data due to extended Kalman filter

Precise position data with integrated WAAS/EGNOS-DGPS receiver (< 1 m)

High precision position data (2 cm) with internal RTK2 DGPS receiver and DGPS base station

Robust inertial sensors in strapdown technology without moving parts

Data output rate up to 1000 Hz

Data output via 5 CAN bus interfaces and Ethernet

Configuration via Ethernet

Forwarding of GPS correction data and relative data calculation (e.g. distance) via WIFI in real-time for multi-vehicle operation

GPS-synchronized DAQ synchronization signal, high clock frequency

Inputs for the recording of analogue signals

Integration of exyternal sensors via CAN bus

Output of GPS raw data via Ethernet interface

Indoor GPS interface

Dual GPS antenna option

Data latency < 1 ms