Mounting accessories

Functional Accessories

For all ADMA systems, various accessories are available for installation in the test vehicle. These installation options are critical for safety. And, thanks to quick and easy mounting, make it possible to focus on what is really important: productive testing.


Seat rail adapter with ADMA mounting plate

Provides secure fit even in the event of impacts and vibrations. The fixture can be easily installed and is suitable for almost any vehicle type, including convertibles.

Mounting plate with quick-installation mounting pole

This 8 mm metal plate with dimensions of 28 cm x 28 cm, can be quickly and easily installed in the test vehicle, e.g. in the footwell or trunk. The mounting pole has a span of 100 to 175 cm. Other spans are also available on request.

Installation support for ADMA plus data acquisition systems with quick-installation mounting pole or on-seat adapter

This option combines the ADMA system and the data acquisition system into one unit. This way, short installation times can be achieved if the total measurement system must be relocated.



Standard accessories

All of our ADMA systems are supplied with PC software for configuration and data logging. All needed cables are also included.