ADMA Accessories

DGPS-Correction Data for High-Precision Positioning

ADMA accessories provide reliable and highly accurate measurement data. Thanks to GPS-Base and NTRIP-DGPS-Box 4, the position accuracy is considerably improved (down to the centimeter). The GPS outdoor base station itself provides RTK2 DGPS correction data. The NTRIP-DGPS-Box 4 receives DGPS RTK2 correction data from RTK network providers.

Solutions for Improvement of Accuracy

To improve measurement data accuracy, the senser extension ADMA-Baro and the ADMA-PP post processing software are the perfect choice. ADMA-Baro achieves excellent results when measuring critical altitude data and ADMA-PP can considerably improve data accuracy through post processing.


Mounting Accessories

Various mounting accessories assist for fast and safe ADMA installation.