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Presenting our new brand identity!

A lot has happened since GeneSys was founded 25 years ago! In the meantime, we have grown into a globally successful company with 30 employees. Thanks to our customers, we have from year-to-year been able to raise our profile, build on our strengths and improve our services, our products and our working methods. Accordingly, we want to present ourselves to the outside world and give ourselves a new image.

We also want to welcome the future in visual fashion! The somewhat outdated design that we have become so fond of will be replaced by a contemporary design language with a new mobile and modular design. Based on our brand’s core values, we have redefined many things – starting with the logo, colors, typography, visual language and products.

The digital presence of GeneSys – in English: “Our website” – will be relaunched over the coming months. This will enable us to communicate in a more flexible, up-to-date and direct manner in future and to provide interactive support for our customers. Tips on installing and using our products, support & services, firmware updates and expertise will be of primary interest.

We look forward to promoting our image in future in the way we have perceived ourselves for some time.

  • Focusing on our sensor systems and their ease of use is a matter of course for us.
  • We deliver excellent service, support, expertise and solid measurement data.
  • We thrive on our employees, customers and partners. Relationships are important to us.

At Genesys, we are synonymous with: Sensor-Systems, Service & Smiles!