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05.05.21 Kategorie: Presse

ADAS Testing

From Subjective Customer Preferences To Objective Validation At Scale

While actual autonomous vehicles may still be a few years out, the L1/L2 ADAS domain is already going stronger than ever. In our recent article, we take a detailed look at a solution for ADAS validation that brings capabilities and fidelity previously limited to proving grounds to public road testing.

With our partners atlatec GmbH, MdynamiX and the Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Kempten, we built together a solution for creating and leveraging reference fata at scale that was piloted by Porsche AG.


Learn more about our project and this solution here: atlatec.de/adas-testing-from-subjective-customer-preferences-to-objective-validation-at-scale/

For any further question, feel free to contact or experts Tyler Johnson (USA), Laurent Chalard (international) or Peter Arnold (Germany)! We would love to give you some more details!